Saturday, December 27, 2014


You know when you do something once, but then you start to want to do it again.  Its starts out small and you get just a taste, but then suddenly you start brainstorming ideas and you want more. Then that little need turns into an itch you just can't scratch.  That's where I am right about now.

Don't worry I'm not talking about heroin or anything like that.  

It's Tattoos!

I got my first one a couple years back.  I was crazy nervous about it and I thought it was going to be crazy painful. I was over reacting a lot. It did not hurt that bad. However I was anemic at the time and a bled a crazy amount. Poor Helen. She still did a kickass job though. If you are ever in need of a tattoo in the small town of Corona, CA, she's the lady to do it. She works at a small place called Zombie Tattoo. She is also a wolf enthusiast which I think is awesomeee!

My second one was more recent. I got it last year out here in Illinois at a place called Heathen Ink. Where the owner, Bek did an awesome job.  Its two watercolor paper cranes. Its fairly simple, but I want to do a lot more with it.  I'll post a picture whenever I finally finish.  

I started and now I want more.  If tattoo weren't so expensive, I'm sure I would have a lot more. A lot lot more. It does not help that I am incredibly indecisive. I've been planning the two I have since I was itty bitty. Yepp.  

I got the itch... but I don't have the inky needle I need to scratch it.